Green Roof Design

MKM Green Roofs Promote urban agriculture and enhance regional bio-diversity. We realize that trees, shrubs, and perennials lower ambient temperatures and reduce pollution. In selecting plant species, we assess habitat suitability for birds and pollinators, recognizing that small patches of biodiversity within the urban realm can help sustain regional wildlife movements. Our green roofs retain stormwater while providing users with social and productive value.

One lincoln plaza

MKM was selected by Ogden CAP Properties to serve as the Project Landscape Architect to assist with the design of a 20,000 square-foot intensive green roof on their One Lincoln Plaza property, which faces Broadway and is bound to the north and south by West 64th and 63rd Streets.  The 43-floor property is mixed-use, with businesses occupying the lower eight levels and a residential tower rising above. The eighth floor, which directly accesses the green roof, houses the offices of Sesame Street. The design is intended to serve the building residents and Sesame Street offices in separate capacities.

As part of the multi-disciplinary design team, MKM assisted the project architects in preparing several preliminary and final design documents which included: paver detailing, site amenities detailing, green-wall detailing, and the site planting plan which included detailing necessary for the insulation and security of the existing subsurface and ensuring adequate soil for planting. In addition to the preparation of construction drawings, MKM worked with the other members of the design team to secure permits; coordinated the site design work with existing utilities and architectural challenges; and developed graphic presentations for certain design elements.

MKM’s award-winning living architecture maximizes the social and productive value of roofs, surfaces, and courtyards.  We employ green roofs, living walls and façades in our projects to modify climate extremes, to retain stormwater on site, and to minimize the carbon footprint of buildings. Our green roofs and walls promote urban agriculture and create vital areas for learning and repose. MKM selects plant species for form and interest as well as habitat suitability for birds and pollinators, with regional bio-diversity in mind.


114 5th Avenue

MKM has been working with the L & L Holding company to transform the upper terrace of a building at 114 Fifth Avenue into a more desirable spot for lunch, evening events and meetings. The terrace, while enjoying wide views of the NYC skyline, offers no protection from sun or wind. MKM performed a series of solar studies and then proposed removing selected pavers to insert large planters for trees. The trees will create outdoor rooms and also shade seating areas.


Visionaire Sky island

This dynamic intensive/extensive green roof in New York City sets a new precedent for urban agriculture and plant diversity on a rooftop terrace, while incorporating such sustainable initiatives as recycling gray water for irrigation and retaining storm water on site.   The planting palette of the green roof includes 160 different species of ornamental plant material with numerous urban farming opportunities interspersed throughout the landscape, a productive island habitat 35 floors above lower Manhattan.

Sky Island at the Visionaire most recently won the Award of Excellence in Intensive Residential design from Green Roofs For Healthy Cities. 

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MKM Landscape Architecture is working with CookFox Architects to design exterior spaces for a new commercial building on West 22nd Street, adjacent to the High Line. 

Intensive green roofs and living facades are planned for a dining terrace that parallels the High Line. A series of terraces with intensive green roofs create outdoor rooms for projected office tenants. The roof of the building will feature an urban farm with moveable productive planters to divide dining areas, and a greenhouse; these amenities provide a farm to table restaurant opportunity.

MKM is also designing a streetscape and required Builder’s Pavement Plan and street level interior courtyard.

 Image provided by CookFox Architects and DBOX Studio

Image provided by CookFox Architects and DBOX Studio


300 Lafayette Street

The Related Companies, their partners, and CookFox Architects reached out to MKM to introduce living architecture and green infrastructure components into a building under development at the corner of Houston and Lafayette Street in Soho.

The building, proposed to be LEED platinum, will replace in quantity and in species the pre-development vegetation within the building footprint. MKM developed a plan for street trees after studying historic paving patterns and existing neighborhood-wide street tree distribution in advance of preparing the required Builder’s Pavement Plan.

MKM is also developing green roof systems for four wrap-around terraces in the building. All will include both extensive and intensive systems, and use native plant materials to retain 95% of stormwater.


Columbia University School of Nursing

FXFOWLE and CO Architects have reached out to MKM Landscape Architecture to design a green roof on top of their newly constructed seven-story School of Nursing building for Columbia University. Features include outdoor study areas, a large gathering area for parties and fundraisers, flowering trees, rectilinear tuteurs and green screens, and multiple garden spaces comprised of a variety of plant material.


P.S. 6 - The Eric Dutt Eco Center

MKM collaborated with The Downtown Group on the design of this unique rooftop facility and year-round science-based outdoor classroom. This 9400sf Eco Center includes an intensive green roof with individual planting zones for each grade, a greenhouse classroom, solar panels, composting center, weather station, picnic area, covered outdoor classroom and turtle pond powered by a windmill. Students are able to learn about food production, and can start vegetables from seed in the greenhouse and then harvest for use in the school cafeteria.

The Eric Dutt Eco Center was awarded the 2014 Green Roofs for Healthy Cities Award of Excellence in the Intensive Institutional category.